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Is it ridiculous to spare the lives of small animals?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

A while back I was listening to talk radio and the host of the show said something that made me think. He said, “It’s ridiculous to spare the lives of insects and small animals because as humans we need to recognize that we are above these creatures.”

I disagree. In my opinion it is our human ability to feel compassion and mercy for all life that defines us as superior beings. With our superior intellect comes stewardship. It is our responsibility to protect and care for every miraculous spark of life that has been placed on this planet. Our ability to see and recognize the miracle of life gives us divine responsibility. This man’s logic would have us on the level of animals, killing without regret, not highly intelligent beings with conscience and the ability to reason. I understand that we all need to eat and there is a time to kill, but if we don’t have the sense to determine when that time is and when it is not, what does that make us?

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