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The Song of Life – poem by Maria Hathaway

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Sometimes the mountains sing my name.

Sometimes I look up at the rolling horizons that push their jagged snow covered peaks towards the endless skies of fathomless blue and I can hear the mountains singing my name.

Sometimes the wind sings my name.

Sometimes I stand on grassy hills and breath the restless wind into my restless lungs and I feel that we are the same. It stirs my hair and pulls at my clothes and I hear the wind singing my name.

Sometimes the sun sings my name.

Sometimes I follow the mighty burning sun and let it’s heat make me loose, strong, and clean. I feel it’s fingers of warmth on my shoulders, on my head and I hear the sun singing my name.

The song of life is in the mountains, in the wind, and in the sun. It sings with every glance, every breath, every step taken. It sings my name into nature and makes a home for me.

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