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Collaborative project

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

My husband and I are working on a collaborative project. When he takes a photo that inspires me I do a painting of it. The last 2 peices that I blogged about were part of this project as well as 2 others that I blogged about in the past.  I thought you might like to see the photos next to the paintings. We’re going to present our idea to galleries and see what they think. It’s a cool idea because the photos are art in and of themselves and the drawings are art in and of themselves. When you see them side by side you see the beauty and uniqueness of each piece and each style of art. They compliment each other and together become a new and original form of art. So here you go. The photos next to the drawings. 

Featured Artwork
Transitory Beauty
The Hunt
Winter Chase
Out Of The Night
Once Upon A Morning Walk
The Colors Of Innocense
In The Green Summer Meadow
The First Journey
Seeking The Light
Shawl Dancer
Ancient Home
Blue Wolf
Little Dancing Boy
Purple Ride
His Prayer
Under The Hunters Moon
Everybody Needs a Hug
Saphire Sunset
Morning Prayer
Wild Wheat
Spirit Hawk
Eagle Dancer
Fire Horses
Before The Dance
Dance Of The Undine
Rainbow Dancer
Daughter of the Sky
Lamanite Woman
Portrait of the Savior
Father Issac
The Raven
As Still as the Wind
The Horse
Among the Leaves
Searching for the Sun
Vision Quest
Horse in the Wind
Listening to the Wind
Solo Journey
Lion in Training
Behold Your Little Ones
Silence and Light
Mountain Home
Frosty Sunset
White Stallion
Brown Horse
Elf Queen
Little Red Squirrel
The Fisherman\'s Wife
Father Abraham
Elf Portrait