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Sometimes a piece of paper is more than a dead tree

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The other day, Maria posted a painting she had recently completed on our web site. We like to follow this web site because it gives us a chance to follow my wife’s side of the family. It’s kind of like a Facebook site, but only for the members of the family.

Maria always has a purpose in mind when she does a painting. She really hopes that people will see the emotion and life that she sees as she is creating these works. Anyway, sometimes when she completes a painting, we like to post it just to see what people are seeing, or if they will even comment on it.

In this particular incident she posted the painting “ Life is Good

Life is Good

Here’s how the conversation on the postings went:

Maria: I call this painting “Life is Good. This guy obviously doesn’t have a perfect life, I mean he’s missing some teeth, but that doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t have to be perfect. We can still enjoy the good things that come our way. This guy is happy with what he has and that’s really where it’s at man.

Scott: Wow! That is so intricate. My mind could never think is such detail. Was this a person you saw, or did you make this up?

Maria: It was sort of both. I had a photo but it was a white guy who didn’t have a beard and had all his teeth and was younger. Basically it was a totally different person. I had an idea in my mind of the character that I wanted to draw and just used the photo to see where everything should go on a persons face at that angle.

Patsy: That’s a good analysis, Maria. He does look happy and he probably is a good hearted man. You can tell by the way his eyes shine. He doesn’t have much, but he still cares about others and is anxious to help wherever he can. He kind of reminds me of Isaiah on Little House on the Prairie. He looks kind of gruff with his beard and all but he really loves people and is always there when they need him.

Delon: Your description about the guy and how he is content with life even though he might not have much is the first thing that came to my mind about the painting, even before I read your description. Your painting portrays that very well. In fact I really like the names you put to all your paintings. They really catch the mood or what ever they are trying to portray.

Tammy: He reminds me of a man we knew in Fountain Green named Oliver. He was kind of like this too. He was such a good man. I felt like he was my second Grandpa or something. He was an awesome man.

Delon: Yes I really liked Oliver, Such a friendly man, didn’t have a lot, but he loved to share what he had.

Tammy: I remember every 4th of July when he’d come and share a huge watermelon with us and shoot cans in the air with firecrackers. All I did was get 2 old soup cans. He’d then put the big can on the bottom, and poor water in it. then he’d put the smaller can inside of the bottom can and put in a fire cracker light it. When the firecracker went off, the top can would shoot high up into the air. Oh how much fun it was to have him around. He passed away in the year 2004. I’ll never forget the fun we had with him.

End of conversation.

You know, I think I would have liked to have met Oliver. If it were not for a piece of paper, some colored pencils and Maria, I would never have even known about Oliver. I have heard it said that an artist has done her or his job when the piece of art seems to have a life of its own. Maria, you have done your job.

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