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My blog is now Ria’s Fine Art Studio with guest bloggers

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Hey everybody! My blog has just been updated to Ria’s Fine Art Studio. From now on I won’t be the only blogger. I am a partner in a family business called Willowrise and the other partners (my family members) in this business are going to start blogging on here as well. I’m excited about this because it’s always good to have more than one perspective on things. They will probably start discussions about things that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about and it will be fun to hear what they have to say. We’re also going to be doing podcasts on here once in awhile which will be a blast. I hope you all will enjoy the new format. We’re going to be doing the same thing on a couple of the other partners blogs - Chas‘ and Shelly‘s so if you’re interested feel free to join discussions and comment away. We’re pretty open to new ideas and perspectives so don’t be shy. Thanks for reading!

Featured Artwork
Transitory Beauty
The Hunt
Winter Chase
Out Of The Night
Once Upon A Morning Walk
The Colors Of Innocense
In The Green Summer Meadow
The First Journey
Seeking The Light
Shawl Dancer
Ancient Home
Blue Wolf
Little Dancing Boy
Purple Ride
His Prayer
Under The Hunters Moon
Everybody Needs a Hug
Saphire Sunset
Morning Prayer
Wild Wheat
Spirit Hawk
Eagle Dancer
Fire Horses
Before The Dance
Dance Of The Undine
Rainbow Dancer
Daughter of the Sky
Lamanite Woman
Portrait of the Savior
Father Issac
The Raven
As Still as the Wind
The Horse
Among the Leaves
Searching for the Sun
Vision Quest
Horse in the Wind
Listening to the Wind
Solo Journey
Lion in Training
Behold Your Little Ones
Silence and Light
Mountain Home
Frosty Sunset
White Stallion
Brown Horse
Elf Queen
Little Red Squirrel
The Fisherman\'s Wife
Father Abraham
Elf Portrait