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Latest Blog Entry: We're playing with clay!

The girls and I decided to try our hands at clay. Iíve never really done much with clay but I have to say, I had a lot of fun! I think we all did. Here are a few pictures of our beautiful masterpieces... read more

About Ria

"For me, art is about self expression and self discovery. I draw because it allows me to enter into a place where I'm free to experiment with ideas and emotions. My drawings represent something about what I'm feeling and what's influencing me. They are a fusion of the real world we see with the magical feeling I get whenever I'm surrounded by nature. There's a spiritual side of everything, and I love to represent it in my art using flowing lines and bold colors.

"Most of my work is done on Bristol board using Prismacolor pencils. I love how the pencils allow me to create minute detail in my main subject. I often combine this with colorful background washes to create a mood, rather than a specific setting. Usually I focus in on a single subject - a single figure frozen in a moment of time. I love the juxtaposition of the simplicity of the idea with the intricacy of the individual. I marvel at the majestic complexity of every living thing, and the way all life is interconnected. I strive with my art to share these feelings with those around me."

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